Bake-on Street Kitchen

Corner of Whitecross Street / Banner Street

Bake-on Street Kitchen

Top choices

Steak and ale pie, with mashed potato, peas, and gravy … lots of gravy. (For traditionalists)

Chicken chorizo pie, with Bombay potatoes … and lots of gravy. (For explorers)

Mixed roast vegetable pie with all the salads. (For vegans and vegetarians)

Beef brisket with coleslaw and rice. (For a change)

British food with a touch of Thai

The food is basically traditional British comfort food, mainly pies – chicken and leek pie , steak and ale pie, chicken chorizo pie – all with crusty pastry, peas or salads, sauce or gravy.

But they have embraced the tastiest flavours from around the world. If you fancy your chicken spiced up a bit, you can have chicken Thai pie (coming soon). If you’re tired of mash, you can have Bombay potatoes which are roasted in turmeric.

For vegetarians, there is mixed roast vegetable pie (which is also vegan) and spinach and ricotta cheese pie.

If you fancy something which isn’t a pie, there is the beef brisket and barbeque chicken Thai, and sausages.

Meals come with a range of salads to choose from: coleslaw, red onion, pickled red cabbage, mixed salad leaves with broccoli and carrots, pickled cucumber with red kidney beans and tomatoes.

On top you can have a range of sauces: hot chili sauce, barbecue sauce, Thai sriracha mayonnaise, or gravy – there’s plenty of gravy.