Lil’ Italy

“To this day, everyone gathers in his parents’ garden around the pizza oven when the word is out that Giovanni is visiting from London.”

Proper traditional Italian food


Spicy hot
Ham and mushroom
Palma ham and rocket


Goats’ cheese
Parma Ham



Giovanni’s pizzas

For more than a decade Giovanni worked as a pizzaolo – a specialist pizza chef – in many of London’s best pizza restaurants. His mum showed him the pizza ropes early on while he was growing up in his home town Gaeta in South Italy

Nowadays, he sells his pizzas and other traditional specialities of South Italy on his popular stall on Whitecross Street. Lil’ Italy stay close to their philosophy of offering fresh Italian food made from scratch and served with integrity and joy.

The story behind Lil’ Italy

In 2008 Giovanni D’Aprano and the artist Andro Andrex set about opening up a market stall in Whitecross Street market. In the beginning, Lil’ Italy was selling quality Italian products such as porcini mushrooms, olives and assorted pasta. Andro managed the stall and Giovanni would take care of the wholesale. A selection of panini soon followed and Giovanni joined Andro on the stall.

Four years later, they felt it would be a missed opportunity not to offer fresh pizza. And now they offer a selection of traditional freshly-made Italian delicacies.