BARBICAN EXPRESS PIZZA 131 Whitecross St EC1Y 8JL (barbicanexpress.co.uk). Barbican Express sell takeaway pizzas. They must be doing it right judging by the endless stream of motorbike delivery people collecting pizzas from them. They have their own chefs making their pizzas from fresh ingredients.

BABOSH 134 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8QJ. Turkish Street Food, Lahmacun and Wraps

PRET A MANGER Unit 1, City Shopping Centre, Whitecross St EC1Y 8NX. Well-above average coffee and sandwiches. It is a popular meeting place

Pret A Manger

THE SALAD KITCHEN 126 Whitecross St, London EC1Y 8PU | thesaladkitchen.com. The Salad Kitchen is owned and run by Sam Cole and Ross Cannon. Sam had the idea at university and Ross liked it and joined him. The idea was to set up a shop selling exciting salads. What they had in mind was salads which would be a lot better than most people could find the time and effort to make at home, and salads which would fill you up at lunchtime.

You’re buying a crunch box. Everything is a crunch box. You’ve got five choices of what goes in the box . If you just say ‘fully loaded’ you get them all, which is easier. Now the main event, the toppings: chicken, haloumi, avocado, kimchi, goats’ cheese and sushimi (salmon). There are different tasty dressings as well.

The Salad Kitchen

YUM BOWL 131 Whitecross St EC1Y 8JL (yumbowl.com and chaokitchen.com) .

Yum Bowl (also called Chao) is a restaurant specialising in authentic Vietnamese street food and similar Asian food. The scent of their food being cooked for lunch which pervades the restaurant is a sensory pleasure all in itself. They take pride in the fact that all their food is cooked fresh each day and the ingredients are free from MSG, artificial colours and preservatives. They are well known for their Vietnamese broths which are cooked in the traditional way for 8 hours. They serve food at the restaurant and can also arrange deliveries of takeaway meals. They also do outside catering.