Favourite choices

Salt beef with horseradish, wholegrain mustard sauce, red cabbage, rocket, and cheddar cheese in a flatbread wrap. (From the speciality menu)

Chicken and bacon with toppings in a flatbread wrap. (From the mix-and-match menu.)

All your choices

Beijummy make their own traditional Brazilian flatbread. (It is made from tapioca not grain and it is gluten-free.) The flatbread wrap is cooked into a wrap right in front of you. It couldn’t be fresher. For the food in the wrap you can go two ways.

Mix & Match Beijummy

Choose one: chicken, tuna, bacon, veggie/vegan.

Add any or all of these: sweetcorn, tomato, red onion, rocket, lettuce, carrot, dried tomato, spinach and cheese.

Speciality Beijummy

Choose one of these four set meals:

Salt beef with horseradish, wholegrain mustard sauce, red cabbage, rocket, and cheddar cheese. (This is most people’s favourite.)

Mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley, goats’ cheese, tomato, spinach, and cheddar cheese (Vegan). (This is second favourite.)

French Brie with roast butternut squash, rosemary, pumpkin seeds, spinach, and cheddar cheese (Vegan)

Blue cheese with roast beetroot, walnuts, spinach, and cheddar cheese.

(If you want to add something from the Speciality menu to a Mix & Match item or vice versa.)

What so special about Beiju flatbread?

Beiju is an ancient Amazonian recipe for a bread made from tapioca. Tapioca comes from the cassava root (photo below). The flour is made in the traditional Amazonian way (but using modern hygienic machinery!) in Beijummy’s shop 50 yards up the road in Roscoe Street.

When you order a wrap, it is created from the flour on a hot plate in front of you. It is made without oil – just the heat of the hot plate. The only additive is water (and love, they say). The way they stretch it gives it a wonderful chewy texture. There is nothing like freshly cooked bread!

One of its health benefits is that it is easily digestible carbohydrate as well as being gluten-free.

The people behind the stall

The owners of the business are Gustavo, who runs the Beijummy stall, and Socrates who has another stall in the market selling mainly kebabs. Gustavo is Brazilian. His family moved from Italy to Brazil.