The Iskele stall

Whitecross Street, EC1

Their top sellers

Their speciality is lahmacun [roughly pronounced lak-ma-june] which is lamb on home-made pizza-style bread.

Tortilla-style wraps with chicken or lamb meatballs (or both) or vegetarian.

Pizza Turkish-style using lahmacun base with whatever you want on top from the menu.

All your choices

Turkish pizza wraps

Turkish pizza with salad.
Turkish pizza with chicken or lamb meatballs or sausage.
Turkish pizza with halloumi and roasted vegetables.
Extra halloumi or turkey sausage.

Tortilla bread wraps

Mediterranean grilled chicken wrap.
Turkish sausage wrap.
Lamb meatballs wrap.
Mixed wrap (chicken and lamb meatballs).
Vegetarian wrap with hello me and roasted vegetables.
Any meat wraps with halloumi.
Extra hello me or turkey sausage.

All wraps are served with hummus, salsa, and salad

Gluten-free boxed meal

Meat and rice box.
Chicken or meatball or sausage served with rice and salad.

Daily specials

Chicken casserole.
Chef’s special.

All daily specials served with rice and salad


The word lahmacun comes from the Arabic originally and means literally ‘dough with meat’.

It is often called Turkish pizza, because it looks very similar. Like a traditional pizza it is a round thin piece of dough which has minced meat or vegetables on top and which is then baked in an oven. but unlike Italian pizza, cheese is not normally part of the toppings, the bread crust is thinner, and it retains its elasticity so that it can be wrapped round vegetables rather than only being served flat.

Traditionally, the toppings are minced meat – usually lamb, but sometimes beef – and minced vegetables. Tomato, garlic, onion, red peppers and and parsley are often added for flavour and texture, as well as spices such as paprika, chili powder and even cinnamon.

The Iskele stall

The Iskele stall is an offshoot of The Iskele Restaurant also in Whitecross Street. The stall has been trading here for 10 years.

The food they sell is Turkish cuisine from the Adana area in the South Turkey.