WHITES 113 Whitecross St EC1Y 8JD (

MINIMAL WAVES 161b Whitecross St EC1Y 8JL ( A very well regarded salon of hair stylists and beauty therapists – they have been ‘top rated’ by Treatwell, and that means consistently excellent customer feedback. Ask for Alex. (They used to be known as Hair Bar Ink. Same people, new name.)

CHRISTIAN 201 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8QP ( Christian is a barber shop owned by Christian Livosi. They provide a full barbering service for men, including trimming beards and eyebrows.

NICHOLAS GEORGE Opposite Waitrose | 109 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8JD ( Nicholas George is is a Greek-Cypriot family business, and they have been here longer than almost any other business in the street – over 30 years. In fact, their longest-standing customer is the architect of the Waitrose and Cooper House development opposite, who still comes here for his haircut. They are traditional barbers for men. They cut hair, for anyone of all ages. (They don’t do wet shaves.)

There are also: BEST GENTS 130A Whitecross St EC1Y 8PU | 020 7336 8225 (no website) and ICUT BARBERS 136 Whitecross St EC1Y 8QJ |