The Salad Kitchen

126 Whitecross St, London EC1Y 8PU |

Tasty healthy food … but how to choose?

“Give me a fully-loaded large-size crunch box with chicken halloumi and avocado. I’ll have pesto dressing on that. And a sprinkle of crunchy bits. Thanks.”

Just say that and you’ll go away happy and full. But if it is your first time, let me break it down for you.

You’re buying a crunch box. Everything is a crunch box. But you choose whether you want the regular size, £4.65 – or the large-size, £5.50 (if you had to skip breakfast).

You’ve got five choices of what goes in the box . If you just say ‘fully loaded’ you get them all, which is easier. But these are the five:
new potato with sweet potato dressing
coleslaw with a citrus dressing
pickled red cabbage salad
a pulse salad (which changes every week)
a grain salad (which changes every week)

Now the main event, the toppings. These cost an additional £1 per topping (50p for a smaller helping). The toppings are: chicken, haloumi, avocado, kimchi, goats’ cheese and … coming soon …  sushimi (salmon).

Nearly there. You want a tasty dressing on top. You can have any of these: lemon pesto, lemon mustard, smoked Thai chili, teriyaki, honey mustard, or olive oil and balsamic.

And the final flourish: a handful of crunchy bits or mixed seeds strewn on top.

And there you go. You’ve got a delicious wholesome healthy meal which will fill you up till supper but not make you slump in the afternoon.

How Salad Kitchen came about

Salad Kitchen is owned and run by Sam Cole and Ross Cannon. Sam had the idea at university and Ross liked it and joined him. The idea was to set up a shop selling exciting salads. What they had in mind was salads which would be a lot better than most people could find the time and effort to make at home, and salads which would fill you up at lunchtime.