New East House

124 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8PU |

Best choices: Quick lunch box, Hot pot dinner

To cater for customers who need a quick lunch they can take back to their desk, New East House has a special Lunch Box menu (photo below).

Coming soon: Sichuan hot pot to cook your own meal at your table

New East House has been in Whitecross Street for many years serving delicious Sichuan and Hong Kong dishes. Now it has expanded to include the restaurant next door. Its culinary ambitions have expanded too. They now serve Dim Sum (photo below). And very soon they will be offering Hot Pot. They have installed induction heating systems in most of the tables to accommodate the steaming pot in which you will cook your ingredients.

The link at the top takes you to their online takeaway menu and ordering system. Takeaway prices are 20% off the menu prices.

They serve large portions and use good ingredients – they buy vegetables from the market every day.

They are open Monday to Saturday.